SIMREX X500 Mini Drone à Positionnement de Flux Optique Quadricoptère RC avec Caméra HD 720P,Drones FPV Pliables Vidéo en Direct WiFi 3D Flips Easy… , Guide d’achat

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  • Positionnement du flux optique et maintien de la hauteur. Le X500 est extrêmement facile à utiliser et dispose d’un positionnement du flux optique et d’un maintien d’altitude. La fonction de flux optique permet au drone de maintenir sa position sans que le pilote ne manœuvre, ce qui permet un vol stationnaire plus stable et assure une photo claire.
  • Conception prévenante et facile à transporter. Une batterie peut supporter jusqu’à 8 à 12 minutes de jeu pour chaque charge, ce qui donne plus de temps pour effectuer une mouche parfaite. En outre, Simrex X500 offre une solution parfaite pour le vol intérieur et extérieur, pliable et léger le rend exceptionnellement facile à transporter. Apportez-le n’importe où, économise l’espace avec la taille de pliage: 110 * 80 * 35mm.
  • Fonction d’images et de vidéos en direct 720P. Mettez à niveau la double caméra, changez la caméra de vue comme vous le souhaitez, ce qui prend des vidéos de haute qualité et des photos aériennes claires. Vous pouvez voir ce que votre drone voit depuis le smartphone, profiter d’un flux vidéo en direct à distance. Contrôle direct du téléphone avec diffusion compatible avec les téléphones Apple IOS / Android.
  • Mode de sécurité sans tête. Dès que la direction du fuselage ne peut être déterminée, il peut passer en mode sans tête pour poursuivre le vol. Le pilote peut piloter le drone vers n’importe quel endroit sans se soucier de la direction dans laquelle pointe le drone. Aidez x500 à ne pas perdre la direction.
  • Flips et rouleaux à 360 degrés. Effets spéciaux de roulement 3D en une étape. Rôle continu pour une action parfaite et de merveilleuses performances. La fonction 3D flips rend également le vol attrayant pour les débutants en drones.
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Spécification: SIMREX X500 Mini Drone à Positionnement de Flux Optique Quadricoptère RC avec Caméra HD 720P,Drones FPV Pliables Vidéo en Direct WiFi 3D Flips Easy… , Guide d’achat

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16.31 x 11.71 x 9.8 cm, 322 grammes

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11 septembre 2021

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4 avis sur SIMREX X500 Mini Drone à Positionnement de Flux Optique Quadricoptère RC avec Caméra HD 720P,Drones FPV Pliables Vidéo en Direct WiFi 3D Flips Easy… , Guide d’achat

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  1. Vish

    Incredible hoe strong this product is at this size. I cannot stress how small it is. Built from very strong plastic, with all the folding bits being very sturdy and able to handle all sorts of knocks and drops. Loads of spare parts included. The best part for me is the software. The phone app is brilliant, clear, easy to follow and we’ll laid out. The camera is only 720p on this, but couldn’t really expect more for the size. Will be taking it on holiday with us at Xmas. Recommended!

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  2. Tariq

    * Size

    The drone is smaller than expected, fits in the palm of my hand. As I’ll mainly be flying the drone indoors I see this as a positive as it gives more space to manoeuvre around without hitting anything.

    * Price

    Luckily I managed to get the drone for a discount due to either a Black Friday deal or a Prime Lightning deal (not sure which one it was). Even a full price the drone is worth the value given some of the advanced features it has.

    * Battery life

    The drone battery charges via a USB cable so you can use any USB plug you have laying around to charge this. Each flight last around 10 mins before the battery need a recharge. For a done this small I wouldn’t expect a longer battery life.
The controller take 3 AAA batteries which have lasted a long time. I’ve been using the drone for a week with heavy usage and have yet to drain the batteries on the controller.

    * Control and flight

    This is an area where this drone really excels! The controls on the drone are extremely easy to master even for an newbie. The controller has a button which takes the drop up a few feet and keeps it hovering there until you start to control it. There is a one button landing mode which is helpful.
Moving the drone is very intuitive, however I would suggest starting off using the controls lightly at first as the drone is a lot speedier than I though it could be.

    * iPhone app and camera

    The downloaded the iPhone app and was able to sync to the drone very easily. The app shows the camera feed from the drone. It’s as clear as can be for a 720p camera. Something you can use to enhance family videos. However it’s not a feature I see myself using and this will be used for flying around for fun.

    * Miscellaneous

    The done folds away and it very compact. The drone comes with 4 propeller guards which helps protect them when it crashed into a wall. It also comes with spare pair of propellers.
The build quality is great for the price, its hit the wall a few times on my first few flights and surprisingly the drone and propellers (I hadn’t installed the guards at first) where still in tact without a dent.

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  3. Hope

    This is the second Simrex mini drone I have bought. I bought the first for my 9 year old nephew and he totally loves it. It takes good enough pictures and is super easy to use. It’s very sturdy and holds up well in a crash! It’s small and easy to carry and you can watch the recording live from your phone. The drone charges via a USB cable that plugs straight into the battery case. It works well with Android phone and the picture is clear. It is also stable when hovering. I don’t know about all the techy stuff but it’s great fun and super easy to use. I really recommend it and think it’s a great price. Makes a fab Christmas present for young and old.

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  4. Scott Kinnon

    I got this for my Nephew who wanted his first drone. It is compact especially when packed away, and is very lightweight. The product was delivered on time and was packaged well, controller, USB charging cable, propeller protector, additional propellers and instruction manual. It is an easy to fly drone with good altitude hold and responds to changes.
    Flight time is is not the longest but does not take long to charge. The remote control is nice and sleek. You can calibrate the drone easily with one click, change speed and attach phone while recording.
    I would recommend this drone as a good starter.

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