OBEST Drone Avec Caméra 4k HD,Avion Avec Deux Caméra Professionnel,Positionnement Du Flux Optique, WiFi Pliable FPV Quadcopter,Photo… , Guide d’achat

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  • ✈【4K CAMÉRA ET FPV TRANSMISSION EN TEMPS REÉL 】90 grand angle et 4K Caméra, résolution de 16 millions, capturez des vidéos et des photos aériennes de haute qualité.Caméra frontale, caméra inférieure, enregistrement d’image multi-angle,vous pouvez profiter de les visions en temps réel par votre téléphone.
  • ✈【LONG TEMPS DE VOL】Équipée d’une puissante batterie de 1100 mAh,qui ont une durée de vie plus longue que les batteries au lithium traditionnelles,deux batteries peuvent voler pendant 30 minutes après une charge complète.
  • ✈【LE VOL EST PLUS STABLE】Positionnement du flux lumineux, régulation de la pression d’air, deux systèmes dans les directions horizontale et verticale pour obtenir un contrôle et un positionnement précis du drone, pour assurer un survol précis du drone, un vol stable
  • ✈【ROTATION À 360°,PRISE DE VUE TOUJOURS STABLE】Corps rotatif à 360 °,Simple et facile à utiliser.Haute stabilité, forte puissance flottante et corps épais rendent le glissement plus fluide, réduisent les secousses des photos et des vidéos et rendent les images plus claires

Spécification: OBEST Drone Avec Caméra 4k HD,Avion Avec Deux Caméra Professionnel,Positionnement Du Flux Optique, WiFi Pliable FPV Quadcopter,Photo… , Guide d’achat



Poids de larticle

‎448 g

Dimensions du produit L x l x h

‎0.02 x 0.02 x 0.01 cm, 448 grammes

Piles Batteries

‎2 Lithium-ion – incluse(s)

9 avis sur OBEST Drone Avec Caméra 4k HD,Avion Avec Deux Caméra Professionnel,Positionnement Du Flux Optique, WiFi Pliable FPV Quadcopter,Photo… , Guide d’achat

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  1. Amazon Customer

    La caméra n’est pas 4k, et le drone ne sert à rien car il est hyper sensible au tout petit vent de vraiment rien du tout. Deja à la maison avec les fenêtres fermés il ne reste pas stable dans les airs alors n’en parlant pas dehors.
    Je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de le vraiment tester car à chaque fois il suit le vent tout seul et s’en va loin donc obligé de le faire atterrir.
    J’étais à la plage avec pas trop de vent et à peine que le drone décolle il s’est emporté à genre 200 mètres de moi, alors que juste devant nous un couple utilise un drone de meme taille sans aucun soucis.
    Bref achat vraiment inutile !

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  2. Paul N

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     Fantastic price for some great features.
    Easy to assemble, just 4 propeller guards, then slot battery in.
    Usb charger 2 batteries included
    Full instructions
    Controller accepts all mobile phones for video viewing.
    Download video and photo app from play or istore. Easy to set up just connect your phones WiFi to the drone.

    Took 5 minutes to learn how to fly safely, very easy with some nice features with one touch fly and land button. Would try outside first to learn all the functions. When camera and video recording fly time reduces.

    Excellent technology and features fir the price, my son and I have had lots of fun so far.

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  3. welsh wizard

    Got it due to being for begginers ie my first time. Well packaged and easily assembled amd was ready to use within hour of being delivered (charged 1 battery first then 2nd). All was ok until it dropped signal from control to drone over the hedge? after 10 minutes so new batterybon and away again for 2 minutes amd same height /distance approx 10 metre and signal dropped again.contacted seller and after a mis communication at the start the seller has come out shining and will as such recommend them and will be looking forward to a new 1!!so all in all good little drone fairly easy to use and seller redeemed themselves when the problem was pointed out

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  4. Micka

    Grosse déception ! ! A éviter.

    J’ai acheté ce drone avec une caméra et contrôlable via la le téléphone. Les premiers test avec la commande fournis sont concluant. en revanche l’utilisation de la caméra n’est possible que depuis un smart Phone connecté. Hors impossible de connecter le téléphone au drone et donc impossible d’utiliser les fonctionnalités vendue.



    Ce cadeau destiné à ma fille pour Noël est une énorme deception

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  5. Mr. K. J. Hall

    Very good value for money. An ideal beginners drone. I bought this and have never touched or flown a drone before. I had mine charged up, connected to my iPhone and flying inside an hour. Most of that hour was battery charging time. Highly recommended. I got my flying and operator licence from the CAA website after ordering this drone (40 questions online and a £9.00 fee)

    As a first time newbie testing this, I bounced the drone off the walls and shelves a few times, it just needed restarting and recalibration and was good to go each time. (Switch off and on the press switch on the top of the drone, check your phone is still connected to the drone’s WiFi, recalibrate and go.)
    A great little drone for first time flyers and the experienced alike. I happily recommend this product.

    UPDATE: I am loving this little drone more and more. I have watched lots of youtube videos on how to fly drones and with practice I am getting better and better. I am determined not to lose it or crash it in a way that would kill it. I have bought spare parts for it, just in case. Once I have mastered this drone, I will upgrade to a much more expensive one, (and get a separate GPS tracker in case it flies away) but this one is great for the price. Try not to fly them too far, as if they get out of range, they can just fly off and you may never ever find them again. (especially if they land in a lake or something like that). Start with simple exercises ( With drone facing away from you, fly up to about 7 feet and hover in place, then land. Then fly up and fly right 10 feet and land, then back again to the left. Fly up, move forwards and backwards) Once you are used to these, move on to flying the drone facing you, start low and slowly as the controls are reversed when the drone is facing you. With patience and practice, you will love flying your drone and taking videos and pictures with it.

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  6. AWC

    When your drone arrives, first check to see if it is the correct version that should have two cameras as advertised! I ordered the Dual Camera with Optical Flow as described, however, as soon as it arrived I spotted that the second ‘Optical Flow’ camera on the bottom doesn’t exist, there is a blanking off plate and it was never there (see photos). Even the box advertises it as ‘4k Optical flow, Double Camera’, which is incorrect. Very expensive drone and not so easy to fly without an optical flow camera, certainly not for beginners, plus you can’t take shots directly below the drone. Have requested a refund and returned the drone immediately. NOT as described, BEWARE!

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  7. Toastlord

    I’ve had two of these drones in the past, both of which met horrible deaths due to my lack of flying skills. This one I can report is far easier to fly yet still great fun. It’s really compact too and will even fit into a jacket pocket (although you’ll struggle with the controller!) which makes it ideal for taking out on walks to places with plenty of space to fly.

    Setup is fairly simple and downloading the app to my phone presented no problem at all and it was easy to connect the phone to the drone’s wi-fi. Setting up for flight is just a case of folding the wings out and putting your phone into the controller’s holder and starting the app. In addition to the 4k main camera, which I’ll speak about shortly, there’s another optical flow camera mounted on the bottom of the drone which is used to measure the distance to the ground underneath and makes flying dead easy. Learning to fly is literally a 5 minute job, and made easier with the addition of one-button landing and take-off. You might need to do a little calibration to get it steady but once that’s done you are away. It’s slightly heavier than my last drones, which is a good thing as it gives a little more stability when flying outdoors. The main camera is decent enough if not spectacular – this is a cheap drone so expecting miracles from it is pointless but the quality is good enough for it to be excellent fun.

    The included instructions are fine if a little sparse, but it’s really not too hard. There’s also a QR link to a video you can watch (which I completely missed at first as it’s on the bottom of the box).
    For charging it’s just shy of a couple of hours to charge, and that will give you around 12-15 minutes flying. That’s not bad but the nice thing is it comes with a second battery so that’s doubled.

    We’re really happy with this and me and my 11 year old have had loads of fun with it. It’s easy to fly and a step up from cheaper options, with easier control and decent images. A really good option for beginners.

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  8. luc_loire

    Ayant déjà testé plusieurs drones, celui-ci est le pire :
    Au démarrage, il ne reconnaît la télécommande qu’une fois sur 3 .
    Il perd sa connexion aléatoirement, autant avec la télécommande que l’application Android. Il faut alors tenter de l’attraper en plein vol.
    Les photos et vidéos sont de basse qualité : SD mais pas 4K !
    Même si l’étalonnage se fait correctement, sans vent, il va subitement à droite ou à gauche alors qu’aucun déplacement n’a été demandé !
    Quelques fois, malgré la commande STOP, les moteurs continuent à fonctionner !
    Bref, si vous voulez le perdre dans le ciel achetez le. Moi je l’ai vite rendu car c’est un mauvais jouet …

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  9. Baby Girl

    Ce drone reste de taille très modeste et paraît plus grand sur les photos mais il respecte bien les dimensions décrites.
    Le drone étant assez léger, on est agréablement surpris par sa maniabilité et sa stabilité.
    Le démarrage est très simple et extrêmement compréhensible.
    Le retour au point de dépare est juste ahurissant.
    Il se déroule rapidement si on suit bien les instructions du livret.
    La prise en main est très aisée.

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