Holy Stone HS720E Drone GPS avec caméra 4K EIS UHD pour Adultes Débutant, Quadcopter FPV avec Moteur Brushless, 2 Batteries 46 Min Temps de Vol,… , Guide d’achat

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  • Caméra 4K EIS Anti-Shake avec capteur Sony : La technologie EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) réduit le flou vidéo. Sony Sensor est équipé de technologies avancées de capture d’image pour une qualité d’image supérieure à celle des autres. La caméra 4k (3840 x 2160) capture beaucoup plus de détails. Les vidéos peuvent être enregistrées en 1080p@60fps ou 4K@30fps. La transmission FPV 5 GHz garantit une transmission d’image fluide de 1640 pieds de long.
  • Facile à utiliser : avec un système de contrôle optique du flux d’air et de la pression d’air, il donne au drone un vol stationnaire stable à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur. La localisation GPS et le retour automatique à la maison vous aident à ne plus perdre votre drone.
  • Modes de vol avancés : Les modes de vol intelligents permettent au drone de voler automatiquement pour libérer votre esprit et vos mains de la création de vidéos ou d’images. Inclut Follow Me, Tap Fly et Point of Interest.
  • Moteurs sans balais : Les moteurs sans balais fonctionnent plus puissamment avec beaucoup moins de bruit que les moteurs à balais. Ces moteurs permettent un vol de drone à la fois stable et rapide. Ils ont également une durée de vie plus longue, ce qui vous évite un entretien coûteux du moteur.
  • Kit Fly More (46 minutes de vol) : Chaque batterie intelligente prend en charge 23 minutes de vol. Deux batteries sont incluses dans ce kit pour vous donner jusqu’à 46 minutes dans les airs. Moins de charge, plus de vol. Sac de protection personnalisé de qualité : rangez votre drone, vos accessoires et vos batteries dans l’étui renforcé pour garder votre drone en sécurité lorsque vous voyagez ou gardez tout ensemble lorsqu’il n’est pas utilisé.

Spécification: Holy Stone HS720E Drone GPS avec caméra 4K EIS UHD pour Adultes Débutant, Quadcopter FPV avec Moteur Brushless, 2 Batteries 46 Min Temps de Vol,… , Guide d’achat


‎Holy Stone


‎Holy Stone



Poids de larticle

‎1.44 kg

Dimensions du colis

‎29.7 x 22 x 9.3 cm, 1.44 kilogrammes

Piles Batteries

‎2 Lithium-polymère – incluse(s)

5 avis sur Holy Stone HS720E Drone GPS avec caméra 4K EIS UHD pour Adultes Débutant, Quadcopter FPV avec Moteur Brushless, 2 Batteries 46 Min Temps de Vol,… , Guide d’achat

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  1. leeboy

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     I recently decided to buy this drone from Holy Stone as i have purchased a few from them over the last 2 years and have always been impressed.
    This is the latest drone in the series and is absolutely amazing. As with all Holystone drones it is easy to set up fly, but this drone now has EIS which stands for Electronic Image Stabilization which means that the camera is so stable when recording! This drone has 2 powerful batteries each lasting upto 24minutes giving you a possible 48mibs flying time! The handy changing dock lets you charge both batteries at the same time which is a great feature. Theres tap fly, follow me, headless mode and more to use including point of interest that you can set.
    The transmitter is easy to set up and use, battery powered which is good, and your phone sits in it effortlessly and connects to the app easily too.
    You can add an SD card to this drone, not included.
    The return home feature is a one button press, perfect incase you lose sight of the drone which i did as its flys an incredible 500metres if you feel daring! See my video which shows video quality and stability, it could have gone higher and further but i was over my local park.
    My son also flew this drone with me which proves its ease of use.
    The carry case for this drone is smart looking, sturdy and perfect for transporting it safely, nice addition Holy Stone!

    All in all, a perfect drone for anyone to use from beginners to pro flyers (not me!) coupled with amazing 46minutes flying time you cant go wrong with this drone.

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  2. D. Robinson

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     Well this drone is a full on masterpiece. Superior quality feel to it. The case its presented in is perfect.

    Its certainly a weighty drone but the flight time is awesome. I managed 54 mins! With the two provided batteries.

    The batteries take 5 hours to charge together with the provided USB charger. Plugs into a standard usb charger which you need to provide. Though nothing more than 2 amps.

    Setup was a little tricky. You need to download the app then connect to the drones wifi. That’s all simple. The tricky part is the geo calibration. It took 7 attempts rotation 360 degrees 3 times and horizontal 360 degrees . I was confused a bit but the message indicator on the left of the controller will tell you when your good to go just keep tapping that after each 3 rotations.

    First flight was nervously exciting. Sounds like honey bees humming. Away it went up and and up. A pin prick in the sky! Tried to take photos etc but soon realised I hadnt put in a memory card! Will post those photos after next flight and amazon delivery.

    The camera is soo clear and good range of movement control from the app or controller. See newly added photos and a video.

    Press the return to home button and it’s on it’s way back and hovers exactly where it took off from.

    Do not get you fingers in the way of the props. It hurts. There are no guards.

    It’s a great drone when I’m more professional at flying it I will post more movies and photos.

    Love the long flying time. My best drone yet.

    One other thing. The follow me button is probably the best reason to by this drone. Went for a bike ride and it follows like a puppy at the altitude you set. Be careful though it can not avoid obstacles like signs or trees.

    Go for it. You will not be disappointed!!

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  3. Singam

    Update: I’ve left my previous review below. The company were kind enough to get in touch with me and understand what happened. A replacement was sent across so we could try again. This time the drone worked as expected and it has been many months now and we haven’t come across any issues. It seems there was a malfunction with the first drone but that issue has not persistented with the second. I would now recommend this drone.

    Original review: Save your money, probably best to invest in a better drone. The thing with this drone is that it fits in the range of value drones. I am an amateur flyer and my first flight was ok, had beginner mode on so it didn’t fly too far from me but manoeuvring it was a bit difficult. It was a bit windy but it stabilised alright. Second flight, less wind but fairly the same result. Third flight is where it all went wrong, not sure what the issue was. I set up everything correctly, took off and it literally had a mind of it’s own. It went into a tree and luckily it dropped for me to try again. Took off for the second time, it literally flew away and then went around some trees and that was the last time I saw it. I think it got stuck in a tree somewhere. The feed lost connection and RTH didn’t work, it never came home. I definitely did not do anything wrong, it just went haywire. This was probably a software issue from the looks of it and when reading through the comments, it seems like a common issue. Here I am sharing my experience, avoid at all cost.

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  4. Ally Strachan

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     What a lovely well packaged and presented drone. Bordering between a toy drone and commercial drone. A great learning drone but equally great drone to advance to.

    Good turn of power and good battery life.

    A superb 4k camera and the image stabilising works well. Comes with a lot of built in features due to the GPS. spiral photos etc points of interest as well.

    All in all a solid drone. No memory card with this so you will need to buy one.

    Holy Stone have it done themselves this time. In essence a fly more package for rock bottom price. Ideal as a first serious drone.

    The extra photo settings, the orbits, the route planning etc. Honestly, for the money, this is one cracking drone!


    My video is uploaded but the quality will be compressed. This is natural for internet videos. Amazon have totally ruined the quality of this video and is totally inaccurate 🙁

    I edit using Filmora 9.

    You will need a memory card, micro SD. a class 10 is recommended, I used a U3 class as I use these in my main big drone 🙂 I have been flying drones for close to 5 years, in that time I have flown the cheap £40 one, the intermediate ones and now have a very expensive one. This 720 is amazing for the money.

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  5. Skynet5

    Build quality spot on. Quality of materials and construction is high.
    GPS tracking spot on.
    Wind resistance spot on. With GPS and a pretty windy day the drone stuck in its spot easily. Very impressive.
    Not sure of the actual speed, but it’s pretty fast, plenty fast in High mode. Great fun.
    Plenty of accessories, case two batteries, spare props. All good.


    EIS seems to work, but you get frequent periods of shakiness as it tries to stabilize the image. You can however get incredibly smooth moments of footage, definitely shots that make you think this is a great drone for the price.
    Image is blurry even compared to cheap phones and lacks vibrancy and sharpness. 4k it might be in name, but nothing else…it feels like 720p/1080p upscaled badly to 4k.
    Severe chromatic aberrations. It looks like you have special effects in your video, very bad around windows etc. Expected with the price, but very bad on my unit.
    Hot pixels on my unit (10+ of them). Not an issue unless you shoot in low light and again to be expected somewhat for the price. But anything more than 3 and I would be disappointed.
    Camera vertical rotation provides only one speed, which is too fast and results in jerky footage. Basically you cannot use this feature during footage recording, you would have to clip it out.

    Battery life is questionable (I think I got 18mins). Still good enough though I guess for most. It is cold too, so that doesn’t help.
    Absolutely no battery monitoring capability, just 4 bars giving remaining life, and the first one goes as soon as you take off. No voltage, no resistance measurement, no charge cycle count. Pretty pathetic.
    Battery charge time is ridiculous. I knew that at time of purchase, but the fact the charger cannot charge two at the same time basically means you have to wait 10-14 hours to charge your batteries. So you can’t get up in the morning and decide to fly that day, you need to plan ahead. Keep batteries charged? That brings me to the next crucial point…
    Batteries provided are LiPo. They need to be stored at a storage voltage. You don’t want to leave these babies charged or discharged…they need to be just right ~ 3.8v if you’re not using them for a week+. They also need to be kept in a LiPo bag in an old ammo tin (with the seal taken off). This point is the biggest safety concern in the list.
    The batteries don’t clip in to the charger, so trying to charge them in a LiPo bag is a real pain, it’s easy to knock them out of the charger cradle.

    App developer decided to release an app update over the Christmas holiday period that improved something apparently, I wouldn’t know, as it started crashing after 10 seconds on my phone. Apparently a widespread issue on Android. I’m sure this will get fixed, but how is this allowed to happen? Where is the QA? I feel the app is built by one guy in his bedroom. It isn’t even published by Holystone….
    Free battery offer: Write a review of the product and the company, send them a link to it and they’ll give you a free battery. I suspect this has led to a number of more positive reviews that it should have done. They don’t ask you to write a positive review however.

    If Holystone fix all the above in their next drone, then I would say it is going to be exceptional quality. However, due to the vast number of oversights, some which didn’t even need to be an issue, for me it’s a 5/10.

    And don’t forget, it’s over 249g. And in the UK that is very important now.

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