Holy Stone HS175D Drone pliable avec caméra 4K pour adultes, quadricoptère RC avec retour automatique GPS, Follow Me, vol circulaire, vol Waypoint,… , Guide d’achat

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  • Caméra 4K ultra claire : caméra 4K avec grand angle de 110° et 90° réglable fournit une image haute résolution, permettant de capturer une photo parfaite ; transmission FPV de 5 GHz offrant des vidéos lisses et stables même dans des conditions de haute vitesse ou de vent fort.
  • Retour automatique du GPS : vol assisté par GPS, il peut revenir automatiquement à la maison lorsque le drone a perdu le signal, hors de portée ou faible puissance, vous n’aurez jamais à vous soucier de l’envoler.
  • Meilleure expérience de vol : 2 piles vous offrent jusqu’à 46 minutes d’expérience de vol. Les fonctions telles que le maintien d’altitude, le flux optique, le mode sans tête, le décollage, l’atterrissage et le réglage de la vitesse rendent si facile pour les débutants ou les débutants.
  • Design réfléchi: ce drone est livré avec un étui de transport, et le design de fuselage pliable le rend facile à ranger et plus portable pour les voyages en plein air, poids inférieur à 250 g pour vous éviter de l’enregistrement FAA.
  • Fonctions plus intelligentes : ce drone peut tracer et vous suivre automatiquement, voler le long d’un chemin que vous avez défini, ou voler autour d’un point en cercles, et lorsque vous vous posez à l’appareil photo, il prendra une photo ou une vidéo, vous permettant de profiter d’une merveilleuse expérience de vol.

Spécification: Holy Stone HS175D Drone pliable avec caméra 4K pour adultes, quadricoptère RC avec retour automatique GPS, Follow Me, vol circulaire, vol Waypoint,… , Guide d’achat


‎Holy Stone



Poids de larticle

‎250 g

Dimensions du colis

‎28 x 19.4 x 9.5 cm, 250 grammes

Piles Batteries

‎2 Lithium-polymère – incluse(s)

Référence constructeur


Numéro de série fabricant


6 avis sur Holy Stone HS175D Drone pliable avec caméra 4K pour adultes, quadricoptère RC avec retour automatique GPS, Follow Me, vol circulaire, vol Waypoint,… , Guide d’achat

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  1. Daniel

    Did quite a bit of research before choosing this particular drone as there is alot of choice out there. I was looking for something that had a decent flying time, good quality pictures and video and easy to control, I definitely struck gold with this one!! Simple to set up and use straight out of the box (slight issue with the app software but that was quickly and efficiently sorted by their Customer Service team, more on that later). Not only is it easy to use with awesome quality footage, due to its weight (coming in at under 250 grams) you don’t have to worry about going through the hassle of taking the test for a Flyer ID and paying £9 a year for a license, just register for an Operator ID for free and you are legally covered. Anything over 250g (most other drones with this amount of superb functionality) requires a Flying ID as well, otherwise confiscation and hefty fines are coming your way. You can also use this drone in a residential area with no issues, not true of most other drones in this category. I cannot stress strongly enough how brilliant this drone is for the price paid.
    As for the customer service – second to none! I had a bit of an issue getting the app to work correctly as it wasn’t recording properly (user error in the end) but the customer service team were 1st class. They responded to my request for help quickly and were hell bent in making sure I was completely satisfied and that everything was working correctly before signing off as problem solved. They were unfailingly polite and enthusiastic and all correspondence was professional at all times. They can come and train some of my staff any time they want!!
    Quite simply, if you are not sure which drone to choose for a beginner then you would be a fool to buy anything else. This is probably the best thing I have bought this year and once I have had more practice flying it I will be buying one of their top tier drones and starting a collection of them.

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  2. Srphotocouk

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     The HS175D is a drone packed with technology and affordable for those who want to take a step up in drone ownership.

    First of all, it comes in at under 250g which means you only need an operators id (as it has a camera) to fly which will cost you £9 per year – although it’s worth getting your flyers id too as it doesn’t cost any more.

    As I own the 700E and 720E I thought that I’d be straight up flying. However, the 175D uses a different app (HS GPS V5), and the start-up routine is significantly different than the top end models (more so the controller buttons and process is not similar). Despite this, the controls are simple to understand and follow, and easily committed to memory. Make sure you follow closely the process to calibrate compass and gyro before each flight.

    Max distance stated is 500m which, for a drone of its size and cost, is great. In the UK, drones need to be visible to the naked eye (or with glasses/contact lenses), so it’s more than enough distance. I’ve been out to 250m with no loss of video connection to the app.

    The drone is packed with features. GPS enables the drone to return home if you lose signal, the battery gets low, or you decide you can’t be bothered to fly it back manually! It’ll land within a couple of feet of take-off position. Follow me mode works as advertised – the drone needs to be 5m above ground level for it to engage, and the app is helpful in that it gives warnings before asking you to confirm, reducing the risk of user error when initiating follow me or 360 mode.

    It comes with 2 speed modes which I would describe as ‘fast’ and ‘very fast’. The low speed is not the same as ‘Tripod Mode’ which is a feature on other models. It descends at a decent pace too, so no waiting around for ages until it lands.

    Image quality is excellent. Vide quality is good as well, although without any stabilisation, it is less likely to be used for creating content for others.

    In comparison to Holy Stone’s higher end models, the 175D is firmly in the ‘toy’ camp, yet has all the same features.

    I’d recommend the drone for those on a budget who want a decent product that will give them some great pictures from a birds-eye view.

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  3. Marc B

    I was very excited to receive my HS175D today. I’m a huge fan of Holy Stone drones and am always eager to try out their latest and greatest releases.

    What struck me about this drone was how compact and light it was. I have to say I was a little how unsure how it would handle windy conditions considering how light it was, but was pleasantly surprised with how much power it has. It ascends and moves around very fast and is agile in the air.

    It doesn’t use the Ophelia GO app like many other Holy Stone drones, instead opting for its own HS GPS V5 app, which works in a very similar way. I found the app easy to use and intuitive. If you’ve used the Ophelia app before, you’ll know you’re way around it for sure.

    The camera is 4k, but doesn’t have any sort of gimbal or EIS, so certainly not the best choice for any serious drone videographer, but good enough for stills and for the FPV element which works well.

    Overall, I was very impressed with the drone. It’s a lot of fun to fly, and 2.5 hours to charge the batteries for around 45 mins of flying isn’t bad at all.

    Another excellent product from Holy Stone!

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  4. Stephen

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     Always been a fan of Holly Stone drones. This is my fourth one and they just get better.
    The drone comes with a case, which is an advantage as it is normally the first thing that I buy.
    You get two batteries, spare propellers, charging cables and instruction manual. I would advise that you unpack the drone, put the battery on charge and sit back and read the manual.
    The drone is light but solid. It feels like it could take a knock or two. The weight is a mixed blessing. It is light and portable but due to the weight, it can be tricky to handle in the wind. My first flights were in the wind. It blows a bit but it is still very capable.
    Calibration is done before every flight and that is a good thing. The drone will return to home if the battery runs out, if it looses signal or if there is a problem. This gives you great confidence.
    There are various features that you will not find in some of the DJI drones. Follow me and way points are two such features. They work really well. You also get circle mode. Great for taking a video of yourself.
    The photo and video is good quality for the price. The camera doesn’t have stabilisation so you need to line your shots up.
    The drone starts, by default, in slow mode. Pressing the right stick inwards changes to full speed. High speed speed is good for windy situations.
    One of the best features is beginner mode. This keeps the drone within a “bubble” near you. Great for if you have not flown drones before.
    Charging takes about 150 minutes for the drone batteries and 60 minutes for the controller battery. In my first couple of flights the battery lasted 19 minutes. This was due to me having it on high speed and being up in the wind.
    If this is your first drone, it is a great place to start. If you are a previous flyer, it is a great fun drone.
    I thoroughly recommend this drone. It is easy to fly, portable and enjoyable. Just be careful of the wind.

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  5. BORDET Claude

    Reçu dans les délais cet article parait bien fini et inspire confiance.
    Par contre à recommander à des personnes à l’aise avec l’informatique et l’électronique…
    Après env. deux heures de tentatives je n’ai toujours pas pu l’initialiser, il va sans doute passer sur une étagère avant d’être revendu à un jeune plus compétant.
    Attention également : tous les smartphones ne détectent pas le WiFi du quadricoptère, le Xiami se connecte bien mais mon Huawei reste muet !

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  6. Mr R N Wharton

    My first drone, so didn’t want to spend DJI money. For the first half a dozen flights it flew well and seemed easy to control.
    However on one flight it became unresponsive and flew off into the distance, I found it where it had crashed into a stand at the race course near by. Two of the blades were broken but otherwise it looked ok.
    I replaced the blades with the spares it came and tried to have tried to fly it a couple of times but have found it loses GPS signal very easily and becomes unresponsive, so assume something internally working as it should.
    All in all I’m not very happy but can’t really blame Holystone, I assume some interference from the race course (broadcasting equipment etc) caused the initial loss of control.

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