Dripex Parcours d’obstacles à Suspendre, Kit de Slackline 50FT Anneaux de Ninja Échelle de Corde d’escalade Filet de Cargaison d’escalade… , Guide d’achat

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  • 1✔【CADEAU IDÉAL POUR ENFANT 】 Équipée avec deux cordes élastiques Ninja de 50 pieds.Les enfants ne se concentreront plus uniquement sur la télévision et les jeux, ils peuvent socialisez plus heureux avec les autres enfants à l’extérieur et profitez d’une vie heureuse pendant des activités de plein air agréables
  • 2 ✔【 PLUS D’OBSTACLE NINJACOURSE】Livré avec un sac ,y compris 17 boucles métalliques amovibles, deux cordes élastiques Ninja de 50 pieds, une échelle, une escarpolette et plus de 10 obstacles et Ground Line etc. Ce qui rend les enfants très intéressants dans le processus des obstacles difficiles.
  • 3 ✔【HAUTE QUALITÉ SÉCURITÉ CONTRÔLÉES 】 Tous les composants sont passer des tests de résistance et de durabilité stricts ,100% garantie de joie de jouer. Les enfants puisse toujours se dérouler en toute sécurité .
  • 4 ✔【POUR DIVERS ENDROITS】: Parfait pour le plaisir familial en arrière-cour, le camping d’été, les fêtes, les voyages au parc et à la plage. Que vous soyez un athlète débutant ou professionnel, vous pouvez installer votre parcours d’obstacles presque n’importe où.
  • 5✔【COMMODITÉ ET PORTABLE】Facile à transporter, à installer et à retirer.Nos produits et équipements de jeux permettent aux enfants de se déplacer, de jouer et d’exprimer leur créativité en toute liberté à l’extérieur.

Spécification: Dripex Parcours d’obstacles à Suspendre, Kit de Slackline 50FT Anneaux de Ninja Échelle de Corde d’escalade Filet de Cargaison d’escalade… , Guide d’achat

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22 septembre 2021

6 avis sur Dripex Parcours d’obstacles à Suspendre, Kit de Slackline 50FT Anneaux de Ninja Échelle de Corde d’escalade Filet de Cargaison d’escalade… , Guide d’achat

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  1. Tonya

    We bought this for our grandchildren and it has quickly become the favorite activity at nana and papa’s house. We set it up in around an hour with 3 of us. The quality of the straps and accessories feel well made. I like the way the attachments connect to the main line easily and can be moved for lots of different configurations. We ran the main line between two trees 55 ft apart and were able to ratchet down tightly, at that distance there is a lot of unused space but there are other accessories that can be bought and added on. We are buying the zip line accessory and are going to use the secondary lower line and ratchet for that purpose. All in all very good purchase and happy with it.

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  2. Michelle Russell

    After reading/researching tons for different ninja slack lines, we settled on this one. We purchased the 65′ slack line to fit between our trees.

    Pros: 65 feet.
    The way to attach the obstacles is brilliant. It does take a little bit of time to adjust them to where you want, but it’s super easy to figure out/do. 
    The obstacles are fun/look sturdy. **Edit** Unfortunately, after having this for a few months, one metal clip you use to connect the obstacles to cracked and became unusable. The rest of the metal clips are fine so far.

    Cons: There is always a sag in the line. I have three kids, and the heaviest is 65 lbs, and no matter how high you place the line, the line will sag while my kids climb on it (even with only one kid on). Close to the trees, it’s ok/doable. In the middle, the bottom slack line will touch the ground and the top slack line loses some good  height as well, even when it’s tightened all the way. 
    Biggest con: While setting up, the bottom line started to fray immediately.
    **Edit** I reached out to customer support, and didn’t hear back from them for 8-10 days. When I didn’t hear back from them, I wrote a review. After the review became posted, their customer service reached out. There was some back and forth, and some misunderstanding, but ultimately, they replaced the frayed line for me. So, if you are willing to write a review, customer service will help you out.

    Bottom line: wait for the price to drop sufficiently before you shell out money for this thing. 

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  3. SmithHaus

    Well my son wanted to be a ninja for hallowed, and his birthday is this weekend and so why not make it a ninja theme. We live in an older neighborhood that has some great huge elm trees, so this was a perfect ninja slackline with most complete accessories for kids, swing, trapeze swing, rope ladder, obstacle net plus 1.2m arm trainer
    This super long ninja slackline makes it easier to find a tree or a swing set or whatever you choose to hook it to without being too limited by distance and worked pluperfectly for us. Seems hard to install but it is not anyone can do it and it is so cool. We have a ninja training course and did not rent the bouncy house. We also get to keep it for months or years to come.

    It has more than 10 obstacles, and ground line can be used as a training line to improve strength and balance which is amazing to teach your kids coordination win win get them outside, away from video games and stuff, they need to be active especially with the Covid crap going on today. So put a ninja gym playground in your back yard and give them so much fun and activity. We love it easy to install and having a great time watching the fun.

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  4. christine

    Je l’ai acheté pour les 6 ans de ma petite fille elle a été ravie. Il a de suite était installé dans son jardin. Il m’a l’air d’être de très bonne qualité. Je pense que je vais en recommander un pour l’installer chez moi

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  5. Barby4321

    I have 4 kids, getting them active during distance learning has been quite a challenge for me, My husband and I considered purchasing a swing set, but with my children ranging in age from 7 to 14, We figured that we would get the more use And benefits, out of of an obstacle course of this caliber..
    overall we are very happy with our decision!
    It Took my husband the majority of the weekend to set it up for them.. unfortunately we did not have two trees that had 20 feet distance between them,
    So My husband ended up using strong wood posts, he was able to purchase from a local hardware store, And used cement to keep them in the ground… took a day to set.. on Sunday he was able to put the training course up.. The instructions were clear and very user-friendly,
    And The possibilities are endless with it, we have taken it down and rearranged the obstacles a few times to make it more challenging.. this is very easy to do! Even for me!
    we’ve had it up now for about 3 weeks, and the kids really love it!! They usually take turns, 2 at a time, but the obstacle course has handled all 4 of them at once on occasions..
    Durable and totally designed to last!
    Overall we are extremely happy with this product!
    It has really fit in with our lifestyle, during these difficult times! Totally worth the price!

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  6. Matthew M

    Very strong straps and the ratchets are good as well. We have had it up for a month straight and it’s not sagging. It holds me up fine, I am 220lbs. The things you put on the line to snap obstacles into are sturdy and don’t slide around once you put into place. It does take time to slide pieces into place and you have to take line down to move them.

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