DJI Mavic Mini Combo, drone ultraléger et portable, 30 min. Temps de vol, transmission vidéo HD 4 km, cardan 3 axes, 12 MP, vidéo HD 2, 7 K , Guide d’achat

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DJI Mavic Mini Combo, Drone ultraléger et Portable, 30 Min. Temps de vol, Transmission vidéo HD 4 km, cardan 3 Axes, 12 MP, vidéo HD 2, 7 K

Spécification: DJI Mavic Mini Combo, drone ultraléger et portable, 30 min. Temps de vol, transmission vidéo HD 4 km, cardan 3 axes, 12 MP, vidéo HD 2, 7 K , Guide d’achat







Dimensions du colis

‎27.5 x 25.2 x 15.1 centimètres

Package Weight

‎1.82 Kilogrammes

Dimensions de larticle L x l x H

‎24.9 x 20.1 x 27 centimètres

Poids de larticle

‎0.25 Kilogrammes

Couleur du modèle




Résolution fixe effective

‎12 MP

Disponibilité des pièces détachées

‎Information indisponible sur les pièces détachées

6 avis sur DJI Mavic Mini Combo, drone ultraléger et portable, 30 min. Temps de vol, transmission vidéo HD 4 km, cardan 3 axes, 12 MP, vidéo HD 2, 7 K , Guide d’achat

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  1. Mr Smith

    Fast Amazon delivery.
    Smaller case than expected. But all inside.
    Drone is well… eerrr Mini. As it says on the tin.
    Mavic Mini is WOW AMAZING.
    Had a cheaper drone before and it was GPS like this but no way on earth was as stable or trouble free. Hover on take off is spot on.

    Bit of initial phaff as Mini is fold out/ in.
    Pair on remote which is good to hold is easy with app. Beware only certain phones and tablets will work with it. Best check the DJI app or website.

    Easy to put together, leads to connect phone to controller included.

    Self check done by drone. Let’s you know if safe to fly. Flyings a dream. Only had a few flights due to current Covid restrictions now grounded.

    App lets you set everything easy peasy.

    Time will tell as had few reports of fly off and disconnecting but not so far.

    One thing to note as it’s so small it can be affected by winds apparently.

    Last note: You will need to register and follow CAA guidance even though it’s 249g a big selling point come July this year things change. I understand any drone with camera will need to be registered.

    Safe flying all…. Stay safe.

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  2. GMAN79

    Well, I waited what seemed like a lifetime for this to arrive as was on pre order. I guess the fly more combo is very popular as was out of stock everywhere. This package comes with everything you need to ‘fly more’. You get the drone, 3 batteries, a battery charger to charge all the batteries at the same time, spare propellors, propellor protectors and screwdriver to screw the propellors to the drone, remote controller, various cables to connect your phone/tablet to the controller and finally a carry case for all the gear.
    If you are thinking of buying this, the one thing you need that isn’t included is a micro sd card so you can store all your pictures/videos. I purchased a 128gb Sandisk, nice and cheap in the Black Friday sales from Amazon.
    In addition, if you are thinking of using a tablet rather than a smart phone to control the drone you will also need to purchase a tablet holder. There are many of these on the market all with their own pros and cons. I opted for the Mavmount 3.0 which is only available from the US.
    This drone is entry level in the DJI Mavic range, but don’t be fooled, it’s far from entry level when compared to other ‘mini’ drones on the market.
    Weighing in at only 249g, you can fly without registering with your countries aviation authority. This doesn’t mean you can fly anywhere and everywhere, you must still fly in accordance with the drone code. The DJI software has geofencing built in to the mapping so you are prevented from flying in places you shouldn’t, such as airports.
    Flying for me was very straight forward, even if you’ve never flown before, its very self explanatory, the controller prompts you on how to fly. The drone uses GPS to enable it to hover in the same location, it also uses the same technology to fly its self back ‘home’, home being either where it took off from or from where the remote control is located.
    Batteries last approximately half an hour, depending on if you are in sports mode or not. There are 3 different flying modes, depending on what you want to use the drone for, sports mode being the fastest of the 3. The drone comes packed with many features, none of which I have been able to try out yet as its been constantly raining in the UK since i have had the drone. Features such as being able to follow/track a moving object.
    The camera can take video in either 1080p or 2.7k and up to 60fps. There are much better cameras on the market, but in my opinion, nothing as good as this in this size of drone. I also own a Phantom 4 Pro Plus, which is next level when comparing the drones, but you cannot really compare the Mavic Mini to bigger drones.
    The Mavic Mini can fit in your pocket and go everywhere with you. Holiday photos will never be the same again.
    I cannot fault this drone so far, its far from being the best drone on the market or having the best camera quality, but its not about being the best. Its about being practical, portable, lightweight, great for a vlogger such as a youtuber, great for someone new to drones who wants to dip their feet in without spending a fortune, great for someone who likes a gadget. So, for its price and what it does, it is the best. I would highly recommend buying one of these.

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  3. Jerome Smith

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     There’s an old saying that you get what you pay for. This product is well worth the money.

    This is my third drone, I’ve been upgrading and was very weary about paying out not an insignificant sum for what many would describe as a “toy”. Let me state from the start, this is NOT a toy. It’s much more than that. I paid for the combo kit as reading what others had said before me, was worth the money. I fully agree, if for nothing more just the extra batteries and battery pack.

    I’ve had it three days now and I’m blown away by the quality and how well it all works. Why?

    Let me start at the beginning. I’m definitely a hobbyist. I was looking for a drone that took good pictures and video. Something with a good battery life and also with a good range. Something that’s going to keep my interest and also something light and portable. I’ll break these down in more detail in a moment. Having spent a bit of time researching on the internet, one product seemed to keep coming up.

    This has an excellent camera. It’s not going to shoot the next Spielberg classic but it’s way above more than what 99.9% of what the people of the world need. I’m a stick it on auto kind of guy and straight away it achieved everything and more I’ll ever need. Many have criticised the lack of “white balance” etc etc. I still don’t know what that means. There are plenty of manual setting on photo mode if that’s your thing but more limited in video mode. I leave everything on auto as it’s smarter than me. Others have criticised the fact it only takes 2.7k movies and not 4K. Let’s be clear, if you want to shoot excellent good quality video, more than what most gadgets and social media can deal with then 2.7K is more than enough. The camera is gimballed and remains smooth no matter how much I seem to rag the drone around the sky. If you want the 4K you’re going to have to spend a lot more money. My top tip on all this is simple, get a good quality storage card. I saved money by using an old card. I now know it’s a false economy. Get the card recommended by DJI and you’ll get some excellent results.

    Battery life.
    The combo kit comes with three batteries and a smart charger. Well worth the money and incidentally you can also use it as a stand alone phone charger. It advertises up to thirty minutes for a charged battery. I never believe the advertising as these always seem to be carried out in a laboratory. I was pleasantly surprised. Using the video and jetting around the sky I seem to be getting on average in excess of about 25 minutes or thereabouts. Very respectable for a drone of this size.

    Simply very good. I hook it up to my phone and it gives a very smooth display. To start with it’s a bit of a faff. I live quite close to the sea next to a park so getting to a nice open area is quite easy. That said, I’m also close to a couple of military training areas so it would be easy for me to get into trouble with the law. Also there’s an airport a few miles up the road. What is excellent is the DJI software that runs this operation. When you’ve set it all up, the software will warn you about all this and as long as you follow the rules it should stop you getting potentially a very hefty fine. I hope. It will also warn you of other things such as strong winds and if all things fail and the display goes blank because you’ve flown it too far and you haven’t got a clue where it is there’s always the “ return to home” button. I’ve used it once as I was sweating about how I’m going to have to explain to the missus how I’d just flown my new drone into the middle of the woods. After a few tense minutes it came back and landed on the exact spot it took off from.

    Well, if you’ve got this far and still have the will to live let me just say in conclusion, well worth the money, an excellent product. Read up on local laws regarding the use of drones. Remember this is only 249g so in the UK and most of the world you won’t need a license but it’s always worth checking before you travel. The DJI app is excellent and also has some excellent video editing software which I’m just getting my head around. There are some good tutorials on YouTube about this product. Expect to lose half a day at least going through them.

    Fly safe x

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  4. MyKeyReviews

    When I received the Mavic Mini on release I was initially very excited to fly this drone, I had already downloaded the ‘DJI Fly’ app prior to receiving it, had registered a DJI account and ready to go; this was short lived due to the app consistently crashing whenever the drone tried to connect with the controller/smartphone (I had the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact). Upon researching, I was not the only customer to have this issue – there were tonnes of people having the same issue on other Android smartphones which met the app requirements such as certain LG, Samsung and Motorola models.

    Note: The Mavic Mini CANNOT be flown just by the remote control, it requires a compatible device using the DJI Fly app.

    To my knowledge, iOS users have had the best results and DJI have confirmed support with the following Apple iPhone models that have iOS 10.0 or above: 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6.

    On 15/11/2019, a new update had been dropped that should have fixed these crashing issues with LG, Moto Z, Xperia & Galaxy S series. I can confirm for my ‘Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact’, the crashing has now been fixed.

    Before Android users buy, I would advise the following:
    1) Check your device has Android 6.0 or above.
    2) Check to see if you can actually download the ‘DJI Fly’ app and navigate around.

    Going by DJI’s requirements on their own website, it SHOULD be enough just to have the appropriate Android OS version but unfortunately that’s not the case, so please be wary of on-going issues.


    ♦ Introduction ♦

    The Mavic Mini is an extremely lightweight drone weighing in at 249g and is so compact, it’s has the same surface area that of your typical smartphone, albeit a bit thicker of course. DJI really have honed in on the hobbyist market by producing a more affordable drone, that doesn’t need to be registered unless used commercially; just bare in mind drone flying rules still apply to EVERYONE, this is to ensure the user and everyone around them is safe.

    For such as compact and lightweight drone, it features some outstanding features:
    • 12MP 2.7k camera.
    • 3-axis gimbal for smooth video.
    • GPS for more stable flight and location and return.
    • 2km advertised transmission (Though some users have experience much further without obstacles).
    • 30 minute flight-time.

    There are also two purchase options to choose from:
    1) Mavic Mini (Single Edition): Drone | Remote Controller | Remote Controller Cables (Micro-USB, USB-C & Lighting) | 1x Battery | Micro-USB | Gimbal Protector | Spare Kit.
    2) Mavic Mini (Fly-More Combo): As above, but you get three batteries instead of two | a three-way battery charger which can double as a power bank | Crash-Guards | Extra Spares | Carry Case.

    With an RRP of only £90 extra, the Fly-More combo is certainly a wise choice should you be able to afford that extra.

    ♦ Recommended Accessories ♦

    If you don’t have a memory card already, you will need to get yourself a MicroSD (64GB+ Recommended for video). A UHS-I Class Speed 3 or above is required.

    ♦ Set-up, App & Ease of Flying ♦

    When you start the DJI Fly app, it will actually prompt some tutorials which I would recommend watching as it gives you a great understanding of how to get started.

    When you click “Connect Aircraft” it will guide you how to set-up the controller; the process is very simple and quick to do. The thumb sticks are neatly hidden under the handles which pop out and screw onto the directional pads and you simply get one of the appropriate remote cables that are included (my case it’s the USB-C), this connects on the left side and the other into your phone then slot your phone between the grips (my phone fitted snugly even with it’s case attached).

    When powering the remote and drone on, you have to press the power button once, then hold it down afterwards until it turn on – as you’re holding the button down the LED lights should add up until all are lit. When powering off, the exact same process however the lights individually turn off instead.

    When everything is connected, you should be able to see the point of view through the Mavic’s camera. It’s as simple as placing the Mavic on a flat surface, pressing the take-off button and further holding it down. If you are flying indoors, I would HIGHLY recommend having the guards put on (not included in standalone pack) – you will then need to go into the advanced settings tab and activate the payload option which will then take in consideration of the extra weight, otherwise it won’t fly as planned. Also note the GPS function when flying indoors, though I found it to be very stable in-flight.

    If you’re new to flying these, do take it easy – observe the current weather, your surrounding and ensure you check the ‘Recommended Zones’ to make sure you are not flying near a military base or airport. Checking the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) can provide you with further information of where restricted zones are and the radius it covers – it doesn’t matter if it’s a small drone, the rules still apply.

    I’m shocked at how amazing this little drone flies, it’s incredible – especially outside when the GPS works as it also using that for stability as well as guidance. The moment is fluid and the gimbal works a treat to give you super smooth results. The remote has quick access to taking photos, recording video and adjusting the Y-Axis of the camera.

    There are several modes on the app to make the drone fly faster or smoother and there are some quick actions for certain styled shots that would otherwise require much practice to perform, they really have thought the features out thoroughly.

    When landing, you can either get it in position and force land which it will do so carefully. Alternatively there is the ‘Home Point’ which will adjust the drones altitude (15m by default but this can be changed) then it will use GPS to go back to the starting point and start it’s landing process (you can change the home point manually if need be). If you are using the home point feature and are lower than the default 15m, don’t panic when it shoots up in the air, that is a part of the process.

    ♦ Image & Video Quality ♦

    Due to the very reasonable price point of the Mavic Mini compared to their other higher valued models of course there are more limitations: The camera is 2.7k not 4k, you don’t get the full manual exposure control and the photos are in JPEG not RAW but that’s really not an issue because to be honest, the quality is actually very good. Sure it’s not to a professional standard but is perfectly acceptable for personal use and projects.

    Due to the 3-axis gimbal, taking photos are more likely to be sharp due to lack of motion and the videos come out incredibly smooth.

    ♦ Final Thoughts ♦

    To get straight to the point, the Mavic Mini is utterly amazing; it’s just a matter of whether you have a compatible device or not – or whether your “compatible” device actually works. If the latter of course you will be extremely disappointed and it’s down to whether you want to risk waiting for an update to fix any on-going issues, if they decide to; but if you have a fully compatible device then get ready for excitement and the ability to capture footage/photos you couldn’t take normally.

    Due to some on-going issues I have to drop a star that otherwise would deserve all 5.

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  5. No Onions

    Update two days later, took off, after less than five minutes said sensor error and lost connection yet again.
    Said returning home, did not return home, but instead decided to land on a hotel roof 15m up and in a seagulls nest, so it now lives there! Nowhere near where it took off.
    It would not take off again as it said it wasn’t level.
    Not very happy!! Would not be able to retrieve without the fire brigade coming to get it and i don’t think they would be very happy to do so!
    Only had a few goes and for no fault of mine it just said sensor error and landed some random place and would not connect with the controller so you have absolutely no control over what it does.
    It’s was not windy, it took off with full GPS location and there was no interference.
    Not at all impressed! Expensive seagull friend with a mind of its own!

    Previous 4* review below:

    This is the first drone I have ever had and was very excited to get it flying.
    Firstly it’s worse than a PS4 to start, firmware update for the drone, cool now ready to fly. Nope firmware update for the batteries! Damn, now ready to fly after charging the controller up for an hour or so.
    It’s so light you think you are going to break it.
    So far it is very amazing and competent.
    I have done 25 flights so far just to test it out and it’s still all in one peace.
    It land and takes off automatically which is excellent. I have flown it in 25 km wind and it was also fine, I have taken it to 120m high and got a high wind warning and lost connection and you think Jesus, that’s it I’ve lost it, 450 quid gone… But it did just automatically return home and was fine.
    Also I have flown it around 400m away and then it seems to loose connection, the controller beeps and it’s lost connection again. Then you get very nervous and think a bird must have hit it or its crashed. After 10 seconds thinking again 450 quid is gone it comes back and lands!
    I’m using it on Google pixel and the app had been fine, however after the last update the flight records haven’t uploaded and the quickshot feature won’t work, but I’m sure this will be fixed.
    It’s excellent, software for phone is a bit buggy and some Chinese stuff comes up sometimes, also I’m disappointed it won’t go further than 400m however I’ve not flown it for more than 2 hours maybe things will improve, and it does come back.
    It’s just very scary every time it looses connection and it’s no longer in your hands.
    Get one and have a whiskey to calm your nerves!
    Battery life is great, overall it’s the dogs bollocks!

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  6. Roger Bryan

    Je suis débutant avec les drone il est vraiment top stabilité de ouf qualité photo plutôt pas mal je le conseil

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