DEERC Mini drone D20 pour enfants avec caméra FPV HD 720p, quart rotor pliable pour garçons et filles avec maintien d’altitude, mode sans tête,… , Guide d’achat

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  • Images HD et vidéos en direct : D20 équipé d’une caméra Wi-Fi HD 720P pour prendre de meilleures photos et vidéos aériennes ; avec transmission FPV, vous pouvez voir le ciel depuis un flux vidéo en direct via l’application smartphone.
  • Il est facile à contrôler le drone ,il suffit d’appuyer sur le bouton démarrage pour démarrer le drone.
  • Contrôle vocal et selfie gestuel : permet de contrôler le drone avec des commentaires vocaux simples tels que « Take off » et « Landing » ; affichez un signe V ou une paume devant la caméra, le drone peut automatiquement prendre des photos ou des vidéos, bon pour selfie.
  • Puissant et sûr : avec alarme de faible puissance, arrêt d’urgence, et 4 protecteurs d’hélice pour garantir un vol sûr, 2 batteries rechargeables et puissantes supportent jusqu’à 20 minutes, charge plus sûre et vole plus longtemps.
  • Flips 3D et Vol Waypoint : poussez les bâtons de contrôle vers l’intérieur pour effectuer un mouvement impressionnant ; dessinez un cours de vol sur votre smartphone, le drone volera en conséquence, ajoutant du plaisir à votre vol.

Spécification: DEERC Mini drone D20 pour enfants avec caméra FPV HD 720p, quart rotor pliable pour garçons et filles avec maintien d’altitude, mode sans tête,… , Guide d’achat





Poids de larticle

‎380 g

Dimensions du colis

‎17.9 x 13.8 x 9.8 cm, 380 grammes

Piles Batteries

‎2 Lithium-polymère – incluse(s)

Réglage rétroviseur

‎Contrôle vocal

5 avis sur DEERC Mini drone D20 pour enfants avec caméra FPV HD 720p, quart rotor pliable pour garçons et filles avec maintien d’altitude, mode sans tête,… , Guide d’achat

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  1. Mrs. M. Lungu

    It was easy to setup and came with 2 chargers. We bought it for our son’s 8th birthday and he loved it from the off. He learned to control it pretty quickly, was able to do flips in the air but struggled to control it once flipped as this meant the controls were reversed. One day he took it high, but the wind caught it, and it drifted between the houses: he tried to bring it back but pushed it further away because of the reversed controls and it landed in a field full of bushes. They knew roughly where it had landed and took on board photos to try and find it, going out with shears and a broom handle to tackle the brambles…6 hours they and 6 friends searched to no avail. They even went back out the following day for another 3 hours, but couldn’t find it.

    It’s very tiny, fitting in the palm of your hand, and black in colour, so not easy to see in the dark, especially because the lights aren’t very powerful. I even struggled to find it when it landed in a bush right in front of me!

    3 of the propeller guards came off after hitting walls or bushes whilst boy was learning to fly it and were never found, it would be better if it came with a lot of those as replacements.

    It would also be better in a brighter colour so it could be found more easily.

    Also, if it had an emergency light or beep on it for when it’s lost, if you pushed a button or something to enable it to be retrieved when you’re near.

    He was very disappointed as that was his main present gone forever.

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  2. BigGobBob

    owned maybe 50+ drones over the past few years.
    Got this drone today and took for a short flight and returned to the ground about 2 minutes later to adjust the FPV camera down slightly.
    Took off as normal and the drone flipped over and fell to the ground from about 25ft.
    Now broken, one off the motors fails to spin up.

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  3. Damon Ord

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     This great little toy drone is a fantastic sturdy little flier that is well made and can withstand crashes with prop guards on. The kids will crash it but it just takes it no problem. I would recommend this drone to help get you or your children into flying drone’s considering it doesn’t have GPS it is very stable and trim function is good. You can easily fly this outside Aas long as not a windy day. Also the DEERC app is well polished and very easy to use. Love the adjustable camera. GREAT LITTLE DRONE.

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  4. Craig

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     The Deerc D20 is a great little drone, easy to fly and lots of fun. The price is very reasonable for what you get. The quality is good, very sturdy and robust. I would highly recommend this drone, me and my kids love it, great for beginners. The drone comes with 2 batteries, last around 10 minutes each. The drone comes with voice control and even takes selfies of you, it does everything a much more expensive drone would do. Well worth the money.

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  5. Grant

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     This is a really fun, nimble and sturdy little drone. It feels really responsive to your control inputs and you never feel like it’s getting away from you.

    The build quality is great for something at this price point. The drone is very light weight but doesn’t feel flimsy. The legs snap nicely into place when folded and unfolded and the prop guards provide an extra bit of protection when you’re just starting out. The controller is solid and fits nicely in the hand while the accompanying app provides access to any features that don’t have a corresponding physical button.

    It comes with two batteries that should easily give you 20 minutes of fly time.

    This is a perfect introduction to the world of drones. It’s inexpensive, can put up with being knocked around, and is a lot of fun to fly. Highly recommended.

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