DEERC D10 Drone pliable avec caméra pour adultes 2K HD FPV Vidéo en direct,Contrôle gestuel,Maintien d’altitude, Mode sans tête, Quadricoptère RC… , Guide d’achat

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  • Vues stables et plus claires : objectif haute définition 1080p intégré D10 et transmission FPV en temps réel, offre une vue claire à 262 m de distance ; Capturez des images et enregistrez-les directement, vous pouvez partager la vue imprenable sur les réseaux sociaux en un seul clic.
  • Facile pour les débutants : il est facile pour vous de profiter du D10, appuyez sur One Key Takeoff/Landing pour démarrer ou atterrir. Altitude Hold vous permettra d’avoir un vol en douceur. En mode sans tête, les pilotes de tout niveau peuvent facilement piloter le drone.
  • Vol plus sûr et plus long : arrêt d’urgence, alarme de faible puissance et 4 protections d’hélice, tout cela aide à assurer un vol en toute sécurité. 2 batteries modulaires peuvent prendre en charge jusqu’à 24 minutes de temps de vol, ce qui rend votre vol plus agréable.
  • Retournement 3D et points de cheminement : appuyez sur le joystick, effectuez un retournement magnifique ; dessinant une trajectoire de vol sur votre smartphone, le drone ira en conséquence. Avec une opération simple, vous pouvez obtenir une expérience de vol plus intéressante.
  • Contrôle vocal et gestuel intelligent : contrôlez le drone pour librer votre mains par de simples commentaires vocaux comme « Take-off » « Landing » ​; Regardez l’appareil photo de D10 et affichez un signe V ou une paume, une belle photo ou une vidéo est faite

Spécification: DEERC D10 Drone pliable avec caméra pour adultes 2K HD FPV Vidéo en direct,Contrôle gestuel,Maintien d’altitude, Mode sans tête, Quadricoptère RC… , Guide d’achat



Poids de larticle

‎910 g

Dimensions du colis

‎27.6 x 22 x 9.9 cm, 910 grammes

Piles Batteries

‎2 Lithium-polymère – incluse(s)

Référence constructeur


Numéro de série fabricant


Réglage rétroviseur

‎Contrôle gestuel

8 avis sur DEERC D10 Drone pliable avec caméra pour adultes 2K HD FPV Vidéo en direct,Contrôle gestuel,Maintien d’altitude, Mode sans tête, Quadricoptère RC… , Guide d’achat

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  1. HT

    Très bon produit pour les enfants, très maniable, chaque batterie durent environ 10-15min pour 45min de charge.
    Je le le recommande.

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  2. Us

    The drone itself is great and my son quickly learnt to fly it and has great fun, The main reason he chose to buy this one was to connect to his phone, unfortunately nowhere in the sales details or user manual does it state that it only uses the 5Ghz wifi band, and since neither his phone (admittedly it is 3 years old and 3rd hand) nor my new (Nokia 2.3) can use 5Ghz wifi so we are unable to connect it to a phone. Also it will not do the roll it is supposed to. The batteries (2) give it a good flight time.

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  3. Albert O.

    This really is pretty rubbish. The drone itself doesn’t seem too bad, fairly robust. However, the blade guards are a really poor fit, and its difficult to fix them.

    The app: Hmm, managed to download after several aborted attempts where it only part downloaded. Once downloaded, the app just constantly crashes.

    Battery life: Rubbish, 10-15 minutes if you’re lucky.

    Most importantly: Ease of use. Dreadful, for the simple reason it just flies off in random directions. Nigh impossible to calibrate / trim. When you manage to get it reasonably stable (I say reasonable, it won’t hover), once landed and restarted, it again flies in random directions (even after calibrating.

    This really is junk, and I strongly recommend you don’t waste your money on it.

    UPDATE. The manufacturer replaced the defective drone, which is much better. It is what it is, a fairly basic, cheap drone, and will never perform like more expensive ones, but it is at least now usable!

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  4. Craig

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     Awesome drone lots of fun, great for beginners. First time flying drone outside.
    Has a beginner I was a little nervous flying the D10 outside. I made sure I read all of the instructions first, I recommend you do this. Took a little getting use to, had to fight with the wind as drone is very light, but still very sturdy and robust, check out my video, my 12 year old son is flying.
    Once I figured out the trim and found when flying the drone in wind it was easier to increase the speed up one. made flying into wind easier. Really impressed with the battery life 12 minutes per battery x2, 24 minutes total flying time, thought they actually lasted longer, 2 cables and 90 minutes for full charge.
    The video quality is good and works well.
    Would recommend if it’s your first time flying a drone, make sure you have plenty of space around you, stay away from obstacles, try to go out on a day when its not windy, you well have lots of fun. This is well worth the money, me and the boys love it, highly recommend ?

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  5. stephane

    mini drone arrivé en valisette complete, deux batteries, pas trop bruyant et une fois le lien fait avec le wifi de son smartphone peut se controler relativement facilement, il est assez reactif donc il faut un apprentissage, image video de qualité suffisante, bon appareil pour débuter comme moi , à essayer dans un espace large la premiere fois loin des habitations voitures et autres zones aerodromes etc, pour une utilisation domestique à basse altitude donc

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  6. Luis R.

    Quand je demarre le drone, il devie vers la droite au lieu de rester stable malgre avoir fait un calibrage, est ce que vous avez ce meme soucis ?

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  7. Jean Shaw

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     DEERC D10 foldable drone with camera for adults.
    Ordered the DEERC D10 foldable drone from Amazon. Arrived after a couple of days. Really well packed and all contents in the advert description were in the box. (1 x D10 RC Drone, 1 x Transmitter,2 x 3.7V 1000mAh Batteries,1 x USB Charging Cable,4 x Extra Propellers,4 x Propeller Guards,1x Manual,1x Screwdriver).
    The Drone was produced in China, but it’s well made and easy to assemble.
    Starts easily – just need to press one button. Same for landing. Has three speeds – low, medium and high.
    You can’t start the drone unless you unfold the propellers, which is a good safety point.
    Handles well, but you need to take care outside as it can easily be taken by the wind. Nice to fly indoors if you’ve got the space. The default speed is low, but even that’s a bit fast for indoors (meaning inside the front room) until you’ve got used to the controls and sorted the trim out.
    I’ve only flown it briefly outside because of the weather and current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Today, the wind was slightly too strong really, but the drone flew well and response was good.
    The controller fits nicely in the hand and my I-phone fitted easily into the cradle. The drone has a pretty good camera and takes reasonable photos and videos.
    No need to licence or register the drone in UK.
    You need to charge batteries before the first use. I did mine via the USB charger inserted in my computer and it took over an hour to charge each battery. Using both batteries, you get about 18 – 20 minutes’ flight time but that depends on the weather conditions and how often you use the camera.
    It has propeller guards, but can be flown without them. The drone automatically stops spinning if it hits something though, plus you get the four extra propellers in the pack just in case you lose any.
    The manual says you can flip it 360 degrees automatically in mid-flight by pressing a button on the controller and then moving the joystick in whichever direction you want and it will then carry on flying. Haven’t tried it yet because of lack of space indoors and weather. Sounds good though.
    There’s no carrying case, but for the price it’s a great piece of kit and ideal for beginners.

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  8. Kirk Phillips

    Le produit multimédia n’a pas pu être chargé.

     Too much fun. I am 40 years old. Enough said haha!

    Seriously though… This drone is my first, and what you get for the money is spot on. Nicely designed, built and packaged, it has been a great introduction to the world of the quadcopter for me.

    Sure it drifts a little, and the trimming needs doing evert time (which soon becomes second nature). But for the money you pay, I’d say all round a fair deal!

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